The Advantage of Tactile Marketing in the Digital Age

The Advantage of Tactile Marketing in the Digital Age

If you’ve heard that everything is going 100% online, think again.

Offline advertising is still an important method of marketing, fueling a print industry that’s alive and well. In fact, some of the fastest-growing companies in the world still use printed materials and newsletters.

So, why should you consider using print newsletters for your marketing? With print materials you can:

1) Make a one-on-one connection with your potential customer, thus shortening the sales funnel

2) Keep people reading about your company for a longer period of time in comparison to an email newsletter. On average, people spend 30 minutes a day reading printed mail compared to 11.1 seconds per email.

3) Engage your potential customer in a non-threatening and non-invasive way

4) Build a foundation of trust as potential customers spend time going through your newsletters

5) Bring in new prospects. Studies show that leads can come in from newsletters mailed out up to 12 months prior, whereas people forget email newsletters much faster.

Want to know more about the value of print materials and newsletters? Check out this article:

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