Why Print Marketing Matters

Why Print Marketing Matters

Print media is all around us, influencing our lives in subtle yet important ways. From coffee mugs to magnets and window graphics to business letterheads, print marketing is a significant component of our daily experience. 

Richard Branson, a notable business mogul, famously said: “If you want to stand out from the crowd, give people a reason not to forget you.” Print marketing does just that. By building brand awareness and giving your potential clients something tangible to interact with, printed materials make it harder to forget your business. 

Print materials provide a multisensory experience. The consumer feels and engages with printed items in a way that can’t be replicated with digital advertising. It’s also flexible and easily modified to meet the needs of your target audience. Print marketing goes hand in hand with creativity, with customizable sizes, shapes, and materials available to match your unique needs.

Print is also effective in building favourable brand awareness. A study done in 2018 showed that 82% of consumers had a more favourable impression of a brand after receiving a branded promotional item. The same study showed that 81% of consumers kept the promotional item for longer than a year. This is a stark contrast to the influx of continuous digital ads online consumers are bombarded with — and ignore. Which outcome is preferable for your business?
Interested in learning more about why print marketing matters? Read the article at https://www.flagstaffbusinessnews.com/why-print-marketing-matters/

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