Why Are Tech Companies Turning to Print Magazines?

Why Are Tech Companies Turning to Print Magazines?

Modern tech giants are known for their digital platforms and interactive apps. They use an online medium to connect with their consumer base, operating in a primarily digital marketspace. But even for tech companies, print marketing is a key way to solidify brand identity and connect with consumers. So how are these tech giants using print media to achieve their marketing goals?

Airbnb: Free to hosts, Airbnb magazine boasts 6 issues a year focused on travel and adventure. Each issue includes articles from locals in popular destinations, describing the best places to eat, drink, and explore from an insider’s perspective. These vacation hotspots are chosen by Airbnb’s own algorithms, tailoring content to match Airbnb’s unique travel trends.

Bumble: Part marketing material, part women-centric lifestyle magazine, Bumble’s print magazine works by translating its mission and values into a familiar and enticing medium. Its story concepts are mined from user interactions, with articles centring around the social media app’s unique culture. The result is a modern blend of targeted marketing and relevant media, providing value for Bumble and its users alike.

Other tech giants are also turning to print magazine marketing. To read more about how these companies are leveraging print media to increase brand awareness, click here:


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