Direct Mail

What Is Direct Mail?

Emails are cheap, yes, but the very cheapness and widespread use of emails have caused an unforeseen problem. Every email runs the gauntlet of being lost amidst the sheer volume of competition so email can be deceptive. It might be cheap, but cheap doesn’t always mean effective.


Email also has the unintended consequence of thinning out and getting rid of a lot of poor-quality direct mail campaigns – the ones we would normally call junk mail – as they’ve moved onto email. The simple truth is that those marketers that are still using direct mail and using it consistently year after year, are using it because it does work and can provide a great return on investment. Direct mail has a way of cutting through the interference in a world where your audience is constantly bombarded by cheap and largely irrelevant emails.

Benefits of Direct Mail Based Marketing

It’s true, direct mail can be expensive when compared to email, it’s only expensive when it’s done badly and without forethought.

The best examples of successful direct mail campaigns are clearly those where the campaign has been driven by the data itself. With the advent of variable digital printing, each piece of direct mail can be unique, based upon the individual characteristics of a single person. This has given rise to highly targeted direct mail campaigns with extreme cut through rates that cannot be matched by intangible mediums such as email.

For instance, no other channel to market could allow the recipient to use all five of their senses – sight, sound, feel, and even smell and taste – to receive a hyper personalised offer, at the correct point of their customer journey, in quite the way a personalised digital direct mail campaign can.


Why Choose Mint Print to Create Materials for Direct Mail Marketing

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