The Top 5 Marketing Trends You’ll Use in 2019

The Top 5 Marketing Trends You’ll Use in 2019

Reviewing your marketing strategy for 2019? Stay on top of marketing trends by using these leading strategies.

1)     Use Old-School Marketing Ideas—Physical brochures, coupon value packs, and brick and mortar approaches to business aren’t gone. Just be sure to use these tools effectively by micro-targeting your customers.

2)     Inbound Marketing –B2B companies, take note! Use inbound marketing to bring in prospects, engage them, and provide them with something valuable. Authenticity is key.

3)     Use Automated Marketing –Accomplish goals in less time with automated tools and use your time more wisely to plan and execute more marketing strategies for the future.

4)     E-Commerce Marketing—This is a marketing trend that’s not leaving anytime soon. As e-commerce gets more technology enhancements, you can create an even better experience for your users.

5)     Video Marketing –It’s not just for big-budget companies. It’s important to use video to create a story for your audience to see.

Read more about these trends and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy with this article:

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