How to Successfully Choose Brand Colours

How to Successfully Choose Brand Colours

Are you rebranding in 2019, or choosing brand colours for the first time? Here are 5 things you must consider:

1) What emotion will these colours evoke?

Every colour drives an emotional response from the viewer. Choose colours based on what you want your audience to feel when looking at your brand.

2) Do the colours and brand typography work together?

Choose colours and typography that complement each other and provide a similar emotional response.

3) How will the colours impact purchasing decisions?

Majority of purchasing decisions are based on initial judgments and colour. Make sure your colours bring buyers in quickly, and don’t scare them away.

4) How does this colour relate to the target audience?

While there are similarities in the emotions colours evoke, you can get extremely specific to your target audience and what they are drawn to.

5) How do the colours connect to your overall goal?

The colours you choose for your brand should enhance your overall goals and speak to your company’s message.

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